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6 Ways to Marry Account Based Marketing & Inbound Marketing

How can you marry account based and inbound marketing to better target and nurture prospects?

What differentiates account based marketing in the first place and why it is effective? 

Account based marketing is basically outbound marketing for specific accounts (usually companies). Instead of casting a wide net with outbound marketing efforts, account based marketing would be the equivalent of spearfishing--you’re going after one specific fish at a time with a better chance of getting it. 

Why You Need to Create Different Types of Content

Every year, HubSpot surveys thousands of the world’s foremost marketers and salespeople to ask them about their most pressing priorities, the challenges they face, and the strategies they plan to add in the year ahead.

All of these insights are then consolidated into a master report: The State of Inbound. Over the last seven years, the report has tracked the practice and adoption of inbound marketing and sales. This year, the State of Inbound looks to the future. 

This year’s report focused on what's next in the world of marketing and sales so you can better prepare your business to meet the changing needs of your buyers. 

6 Inbound Marketers You Don't Know (But You Should)

Most of us know the big names in inbound marketing, including Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, and the like, but what about those other, lesser known inbound marketers that are killing it?

A recent discussion over at got me thinking—who are these awesome inbound marketers we’ve never heard of and what can we learn from them? 

Here are a few of these folks, links to their sites, and what they specialize in (i.e. what you can learn from them!).

5 Ways to Ensure Small Business Success

Most small businesses are born out of love.

Someone has an idea, cares about it, and wants it to come to fruition. When that business idea finally starts to become a business reality, it’s a deeply personal accomplishment. 

As members of a small business team ourselves, we understand how personal the successes and failures of a small business are, which is why we’d like to share a few ways to ensure your company not only stays afloat, but thrives!

Top 8 Blogging Mistakes You Might Not Know You're Making

We’ve all been there.

We realize the value of blogging and how it can boost our business’s visibility, position us as industry experts, and convert readers into prospects, but we’re not so sure how to execute.

If you’re ready to get your blog off the ground, here are a few blogging mistakes beginners (and even some vets) make. Get to know them in order to avoid making them yourself!

Influencer Outreach: How to Connect with Influencers on Twitter

We’ve talked about influencer marketing before and why it’s so important you know the influencers in your industry. After all, these people already have the ear of your target audience.

This means that if you’re able to connect with them and add value to the conversations they’re having, those influencers and their followers will start to pay attention to you.

But how do you go about creating relationships with these people? 

5 Preparations You Should Make Before Launching a Business Blog

We recently published a post that gave readers steps to follow to start a blog, including how to pick a niche, create and promote content, and more. However, once you’ve gone through the groundwork of strategizing comes the time to actually launch your business blog. 

To help with that process, here are five preparations you should make in order to make your blog a worthy business endeavor.

How to Grow Instagram Followers: A HubSpot Marketer Tells All

In a previous blog post we introduced you to Jess Webb, then a demand generation marketer at HubSpot, now the Content Marketing Manager at Trello.

One of the most impressive things Jess did during her tenure at HubSpot was to grow the HubSpot Instagram account from 4,500 to 30,00 followers in one year—that’s 500% growth.

Due to this success, I picked her brain on her strategy, what type of content works, using hashtags, and generally how to grow Instagram followers. Here's how she got started and what she recommends when it comes to Instagram for business.

9 Tips on Using Pinterest for Business

Much like Instagram, many B2B businesses believe that Pinterest caters more to B2C companies.

However, if you know how to set up your profile and what types of things to “pin,” you’ll soon realize the value Pinterest has to offer your B2B business. 

Here are a few interesting Pinterest stats and some tips to help you start using Pinterest for business. 

How to 10X Your Marketing Reach with Content Curation

Nowadays, people engage with brands in a personal way and content has become the go-to choice for marketing.

Content supports potential customers, replacing overt selling methods. In exchange for their time and attention, companies have the opportunity to educate buyers about their products.

Content marketing works. But it's a challenge. According to a Content Marketing Institute report, marketers said “producing content consistently” is one their top challenges. 

Content curation is one solution to this problem.

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