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VP of Sales

xoombi for Sales

“After several years of content marketing with little return, we turned to xoombi for help. The xoombi team improved our content focus and sales messaging to give us greater visibility and engagement on our website and on social media. Our site traffic has doubled and we’ve scheduled more sales appointments than ever before!”
Darrin Fleming
Darrin Fleming
CEO, Stratavant

Strengthen outbound sales with inbound marketing.

Sales leaders are struggling to help salespeople schedule enough appointments, maintain a healthy pipeline and consistently exceed quota. The most effective way to improve sales performance is to combine carefully crafted messaging, with the right sales enablement technology, and teach reps to correctly leverage sales driven marketing materials.



Quota Attainment

Successful salespeople combine traditional selling skills with social media channels and sales enablement technology to consistently exceed quota. Today’s sales professional must master a greater combination of skills to effectively navigate the many tools and communication channels available. Rely on xoombi to…

  • Identify your ideal customer profile
  • Determine the monthly number new leads required for each rep
  • Evaluate territory and vertical account distribution

There are many factors that impact sales on the path to achieving their goals. xoombi helps sales leaders lay the foundation upon which successful teams are built.

Sales Cycle

Sales Cycle

Sales Cycle

Develop a sales process that supports buyer interests, maintains control of next steps, and pulls customers through an accelerated sales funnel. Rely on xoombi to…

  • Improve your lead qualification process
  • Build content for each stage of the sales funnel
  • Speed up sales response times

xoombi works with sales leaders to speed up the sales cycle by improving team product knowledge and industry expertise. We help you identify high probability customers, keep prospects engaged, and efficiently handle questions and objections.

Stalled Deals

Stalled Deals

Stalled Deals

Improve messaging and apply insight-selling skills during follow-up to re-engage prospects and build value for stalled opportunities. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Build a sales process for closing deals
  • Create resources to execute the closing strategy
  • Provide coaching on effective opportunity management

xoombi works with sales leaders to develop and implement a successful selling system. We create materials that give salespeople better reasons to connect with prospects, and then streamline access to those resources so sales reps can spend more time doing what they do best, selling.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Align with marketing to develop a unique value proposition to ensure your salespeople sound different and more compelling than your competitors. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Build a winning value proposition
  • Identify what differentiates you from the competition
  • Introduce tools that help you sell on value

xoombi works with sales leaders to help reps identify critical customer business issues and leverage solution selling skills that focus on value and ROI. We then help your team effectively communicate why your solution is better than the next best alternative.



Sales Messaging

Improve sales messaging to equip your sales force with templates and playbooks to increase lead-to-contact percentage and drive higher conversion rates. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Create phone and email sales scripts
  • Build a sales methodology and cadence
  • Coach to conversations based on audience and roles

Sales messaging is about knowing your audience, understanding what they care about, and identifying the responsibilities your prospects are accountable for. xoombi works with sales leaders to tune your team’s message to better resonate with target customers.



Key Performance Indicators

Sales performance improves when you identify and measure metrics that encourage behaviors that lead to results. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Implement sales KPIs that lead to desired outcomes
  • Provide sales coaching tools that drive performance
  • Align sales and marketing metrics for greater results

High performance sales teams are keenly aware of the metrics that impact results. xoombi works with sales leaders to identify, measure, and coach to both individual and company key performance indicators that lead to growth.


What will xoombi do for sales?

Top sales organizations leverage both inbound marketing and outbound sales tactics to accelerate growth.

Exceed Quota

50% of salespeople don’t hit their goals. Generate leads, identify sales opportunities, and close bigger deals faster.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Too many organizations have resigned themselves to a long sales cycle. Develop a sales methodology to close deals faster.


Don’t be a “me too” company. Craft sales messaging and a value proposition to help you win in competitive situations.

Measure Success

Honing in on the right metrics can be a challenge. Align reports with the KPIs that drive results.

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