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6 Ways to Marry Account Based Marketing & Inbound Marketing

By: Kasie Dailey
Kasie Dailey
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How can you marry account based and inbound marketing to better target and nurture prospects?

What differentiates account based marketing in the first place and why it is effective? 

Account based marketing is basically outbound marketing for specific accounts (usually companies). Instead of casting a wide net with outbound marketing efforts, account based marketing would be the equivalent of spearfishing--you’re going after one specific fish at a time with a better chance of getting it. 

In order to use this approach with inbound marketing, you would need to target specific companies as opposed to specific demographics in your outbound marketing activities, and them point them to offers on your inbound landing pages

When it comes to marrying account based and inbound marketing with HubSpot, there are six ways you can go about it. 

1. Social Ads

Run social ads on Facebook, Linkedin, and/or Twitter for specific companies rather than having them shown based on demographics or interests. This will make sure your ad dollars are spent when the specific companies you want to target see them.

2. Direct Mail & Email Blasts 

You can use direct mail and email blasts sent to specific companies in order to attract their attention and direct them to your landing pages. This will not only help them get to know your business more, but, using HubSpot workflows, will also keep them moving down the funnel.

3. Tradeshows 

If you’re going to be participating at a conference or tradeshow, send invite emails to the individual companies you're trying to connect with. This will show that you’re involved in the industry and would love to connect with them in person--not just online. 

4. Smart Content

You can also use smart content by adding the {company} field in your HubSpot COS pages and emails to create a more customized experience for your leads. This will make all of your marketing materials feel more personal and catered to the individual business.

5. Landing Pages

If your target account list is small enough, you can create individual landing pages for each company with copy that is directed towards that specific business. This will further enhance the personal touch and let the companies you want to connect with know that you care about them enough to customize your content for them. 

6. Integrations

There are different integrations available for different CRMs. For example, if you have Salesforce, you can integrate with Terminus. According to Mike Volpe, former CMO at HubSpot, this is what HubSpot uses to add account based marketing aspects to their software.


Marrying your account based and inbound marketing efforts can help you better focus on the accounts you really want all while making your touch points more customized and personal.

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Kasie Dailey


Kasie Dailey

Kasie Dailey is the Director of Client Services at xoombi. She doesn't think outside the box, she believes there is unlimited potential inside it, and creates processes that leave room for the spontaneous. She approaches inbound marketing campaigns the same way she approaches a mural: starting with the end in mind. She constructs her inbound marketing campaigns considering the end of the buyers journey. She spends a lot of time determining how to support the sales staff best by delivering the best possible leads, teeing them up for smooth transactions, and ensuring customer happiness for higher referral rates.


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