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Sales Operations Team

xoombi for Operations

“We were looking for a solution that would help us implement an aligned sales and marketing strategy. xoombi created a plan to improve our web presence, site traffic, and lead conversions. They helped redesign our website, launched an inbound marketing campaign, and created our outbound sales messaging. The results were immediate!”
Chris Heckler
CEO, Valify

Make everyone more productive.

Operations leaders are struggling to connect strategic initiatives,
streamline processes that accelerate revenue growth, and provide accurate metrics.

User Adoption

User Adoption

User Adoption

Sales and Marketing teams don’t like technology that slows them down. Increase user adoption by leveraging technology that facilitates productivity. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Assess efficiencies to maximize selling time
  • Improve systems training
  • Arm users with documentation

xoombi works with operations leaders to observe user behavior, identify bottlenecks, and implement the tools and best practices to help sales and marketing teams work more efficiently.


Platform Integration

Platform Integration

Integrate and consolidate technology to spend less time troubleshooting across multiple platforms. Getting multiple systems to connect and maintain data integrity requires careful planning. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Evaluate technology and integrations
  • Manage leads in a single source database
  • Simplify tasks and workflows

xoombi works with your operations team to provide a framework for integrating apps and data with the intent to reduce the number of trouble tickets required to solve recurring problems.


Systems and Process

Systems and Processes

Build systems and processes that streamline workflows and align resources to maximize operational efficiency. Setting up a strong process positions your team to be more productive. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Analyze organizational structure
  • Align sales & marketing systems/process/methodology
  • Build step-by-step action plans for success

xoombi helps you create, monitor and maintain systems that streamline internal communication and improve data accuracy. We then build processes to help your team close more deals and drive higher revenues.


CRM Administration

CRM Administration

Ensure proper CRM implementation, configuration and monitoring of systems to optimize performance. When you organize proper use of technology, it improves employee productivity and engagement. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Assess territory breakouts and vertical distribution
  • Implement best practices to maintain clean data
  • Simplify how CRM is used

CRM often goes unused because of all the unnecessary fields and menus required to complete a task. xoombi helps you eliminate redundancies to simplify workflows and create a productive digital workplace.


Digital Assets

Digital Assets

Improve digital asset managment to provide easy access to collateral and increase the utilization of resources between marketing and sales. Rely on xoombi to…

  • Organize digital assets
  • Provide easy access for sales & marketing campaigns
  • Track and report results for each resource

Digital asset management is evolving into an integral part of collaboration between sales and marketing teams. xoombi works with operations leaders to provide sales enablement tools and marketing resources that help shorten the sales cycle and close more deals.


Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Provide product training materials and troubleshooting documents to minimize user error and decrease customer service issues. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Create sales and marketing playbooks
  • Build internal team member expertise
  • Improve number of client power users

xoombi works with operations leaders to continue to deliver value after the sale. We help you increase customer satisfaction and referral rates to reduce customer churn and make new client acquisition easier.


What will xoombi do for Operations?

Great Operations leaders clearly understand business goals and objectives. They effectively analyze situations, communicate clearly, and define plans for effective execution.

Align Resources

Overcome the operational nightmare of disparate systems. Align sales and marketing resources to operate at maximum efficiency.


Standardize use of tools and resources to improve performance. Develop SOPs to bridge the skills gaps for employees, customers and partners.

Quality Data

Fine-tune lead scoring and lead nurturing. Enhance use of your CRM and refine lead management to improve insights and accurate forecasts.

Exceptional Service

Improve customer retention and user adoption. Streamline implementation and develop training materials to enhance customer experience.

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