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How to Set Up New Employees for Success

When new employees walk in the door, do they feel like you're expecting them?

It's surprising how many companies struggle with onboarding and new employee training. New employees walk in on their first day excited and ready to go! They walk up to the receptionist, introduce themselves and get a look that says, "What's your name again? Who are you here to see?"

5 Perks of HubSpot’s New Mobile CRM

HubSpot recently introduced its new mobile app for iOS. The app, which includes a mobile CRM, offers everything you need from HubSpot.

According to the company, “We've taken the best parts of our existing CRM, Sales, and Marketing apps, and combined them into a single mobile experience.” The new app provides users with “a view into the full lifecycle of your contacts, from top funnel marketing efforts to in-progress deals and sales tasks.”

5 Ways to Ensure Small Business Success

Most small businesses are born out of love.

Someone has an idea, cares about it, and wants it to come to fruition. When that business idea finally starts to become a business reality, it’s a deeply personal accomplishment. 

As members of a small business team ourselves, we understand how personal the successes and failures of a small business are, which is why we’d like to share a few ways to ensure your company not only stays afloat, but thrives!

5 Sales Lessons I Learned From Zig Ziglar

I've learned five important sales lessons from Zig Ziglar that helped shape my thinking.

Early in my career, I met with leaders at the Zig Ziglar Corporation to learn about their business and to understand what made them great in the sales and business training industry. I remember Zig’s son Tom, now the CEO of Ziglar, Inc. saying “We are in the business of helping people develop the correct attitude about business and life. Attitude is more important that Aptitude!"

The idea stuck with me, and I applied it while observing people throughout my career. The most successful people I’ve ever met share these five attitudes:

Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn: What It Means for You

It was recently reported that Microsoft Corp. has agreed to buy LinkedIn Corp. for a whopping $26.2 billion. This will be Microsoft’s biggest deal ever.

The 26.2 billion dollars break down to $196 per LinkedIn share. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said they began talking about the cash deal in February.

14 Marketing Productivity Tools

Everyone has different productivity rituals. 

Some people may find that sitting in a certain spot or drinking a certain beverage helps them get into go mode. But sometimes the routines that worked for us in the past just simply doesn’t cut it anymore. 

So what are some things you can do to increase your marketing productivity and get more stuff done? 

What follows are 14 marketing productivity tools that will help you avoid distractions, concentrate better, be more creative, and even help you fall asleep easier when the work day is done! 

Beyond Content: Creating Value in Conversations

I was recently at a dinner party of a friend’s and sat next to someone I had only briefly interacted with before, but was excited to talk to.

That’s until I realized she only talked about herself.

As soon as I came to this realization, I tried to engage others as soon as naturally possible. In these conversations, we shared our thoughts on shared interests and recommended books, TV shows, and films to one another. 

It was then that I realized how much more engaging and informative conversations that provided value were than those in which people only talked about themselves. I had never really thought about how this concept, which I understood applied to content creation, also applied to everyday conversations.

How to Use G2 Crowd to Vet SaaS Products

These days, there are so many SaaS products out there, it can be confusing—not to mention time consuming—when it comes time to vet them out. 

What’s more, the information that’s out there on these products is usually biased. Whether it’s directly from a provider’s website, analyst reports, or sales demos, the information will likely be skewed in favor of whoever’s presenting it.

How to Increase Marketing Productivity [Tips from Noah Kagan]

I was recently scanning and came across an old AMA with Noah Kagan that was pretty insightful.

If you don’t know who Noah is, here’s a brief bio: He used to work for Facebook and Mint and is now the CEO and Founder of AppSumo and is involved with SumoMe and OkDork

Here are some things I learned from the AMA that can be leveraged to increase marketing productivity. 

How to Delight Customers and Outshine the Competition

These days, with so many options available for consumers, it’s imperative that you go above and beyond in order to delight customers.

Now that excellent customer service is the expected minimum, how can you pull ahead of the competition and keep customers happy to have partnered with you?

Here are a few ways to delight customers, build loyalty, and outshine the competition. 

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