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Customer Engagement

User Adoption.

“We were looking for a solution that would help us implement an aligned sales and marketing strategy. xoombi created a plan to improve our web presence, site traffic, and lead conversions. They helped redesign our website, launched an inbound marketing campaign, and created our outbound sales messaging. The results were immediate!”
Chris Heckler
CEO, Valify

The best software companies continue to leverage content after the sale.

Getting users to migrate to a new platform is challenging, especially in a highly competitive market. But convincing your customers to come on board is only the beginning. The real work begins with implementation and finding ways to gain user buy-in.


Customer Expectations

Set Customer Expectations

The best way to exceed customer expectations is to establish proper expectations from the beginning. Marketing and sales represent the first voice customers hear from your company. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Improve sales and marketing messaging
  • Establish expectations when closing the sale
  • Streamline the sales handoff to operations

xoombi helps you build the trust and teamwork required between marketing, sales and operations to provide a strong customer experience throughout the customer life cycle.


Streamline Implementation

Streamline Implementation

Standardize documentation and support templates from planning and process design through deployment and execution. The best marketing teams support operations by providing materials that make it easier to onboard new clients. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Identify implementation bottlenecks
  • Build new client onboarding resources
  • Improve the implementation process

xoombi helps you leverage marketing as a resource to streamline the new client onboarding process and increase user adoption.


User Engagement

Increase User Engagement

Develop a methodology for making a strong first impression and gradually exposing users to the depth of your product. The biggest challenge in SaaS is not only to get customers to use your software, but to get them to use it effectively. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Develop user guides and materials
  • Provide role-specific resources
  • Create content for current customers

xoombi helps you develop resources to keep users actively engaged, reduce user error and increase customer engagement.

User Error

User Error

Decrease User Error

Simplify a user’s learning curve by providing supplemental materials and insights about new features and functionality. The best SaaS companies maintain remain closely connected with their customer user base. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Communicate new features and updates
  • Build tools to assist with customer support
  • Offer step-by-step tips for using the platform

User error is the number one reason customers disengage and eventually leave for a competitor. xoombi helps you turn customers into power users who evangelize your product.

Social Proof


Provide Social Proof

Build social proof to increase confidence, influence behaviors and persuade new customers to buy your solution. Companies that leverage social proof maintain high customer engagement rates and are able to consistently close bigger deals faster. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Acquire customer testimonials
  • Build case studies
  • Align with industry experts and influencers

xoombi helps you align your website, social media profiles, and sales & marketing collateral to attract customers, gain credibility and build trust in your products and services.



Build Customer Loyalty

Provide a consistent positive user experience and perceived value of your products and services. Your customers love you for both the software and the experience. Rely on xoombi to...

  • Increase brand visibility
  • Influence a strong user experience
  • Improve user engagement and referrals

xoombi helps strengthen brand loyalty by leveraging online presence and digital assets to improve customer experience. We help you positively impact new customer acquisition and engagement.


What does increasing customer engagement do for you?

Develop the tools to streamline implementation, eductate your customers, and improve customer experience.

Happy Customers

Customers who don’t understand how to use your product won’t stick around. Create a quality user experience that translates into long-term clients.

Great Service

Most customer service issues are due to poor implementation and/or user error. Develop content to solve problems quickly and provide answers for common troubleshooting issues.

Client References

Prospective clients are always asking for references from other happy clients. It’s tough for sales to close deals when strong third party references don’t exist. Elevate client satisfaction to grow your client base.

Brand Evangelists

The easiest clients to attract, sell, and retain come via word-of-mouth referrals. Build your fan base with brand evangelists who convince others to buy and use your products.

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