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Mike Dane

Mike is a digital marketing professional currently working as a PR manager at TruConversion. He truly loves online marketing and anything digital. He is very focused on his clients. Once he starts work, he is fully committed to his duties and responsibilities at that company.


Recent Posts

5 Simple SEO Tips Guaranteed to Make You Rank Better

By: Mike Dane

Does this title scare you?

Many people tend to get squeamish whenever they hear the term SEO.

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing industry. What’s relevant and hot now might be obsolete within a month. This is why you need to keep yourself updated on the latest SEO strategies if you want to be at the top of your game.

How to Use Online Surveys to Get Inside Your Visitors’ Minds

By: Mike Dane

A/B testing?

Wild shots in the dark!

But what if you could actually ask your visitors point blank how they felt about your website instead of guessing and testing your guesses?

Even Google uses this method on some of their sites. And if a company that famously tested 41 shades of blue to see which one would convert the best is doing it, then you know it must be getting some great results.

How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate & Increase Retention Rate

By: Mike Dane

Online marketers carry a do’s and don’ts list for SEO. The do’s are to be implemented and the don’ts are to be avoided, both for the same purpose: getting increased visibility on search engines.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate belongs in the list of don’ts. A high website bounce rate means that the site’s not living up to an SEO’s expectations. It has performance issues that need to be addressed. A high bounce rate is a sign of other performance deadlocks.

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