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If Your Market Doesn't Care, Your Product Doesn't Matter

If you are innovating a process, a service, or a product, and your market doesn't care, it doesn't really matter. Here's a four point checklist to help make your next innovation successful...


Remember Your First iPhone?

Think about when you bought your first iPhone. My switch happened a couple of years ago. I'd been putting it off, being a baby boomer who is mildly technically challenged, I didn’t want to buy another new “toy,” have to learn how to use it, feel frustrated at buying a piece of technology for a high price and only use 10 % of its capability, something I had done for decades with computers and software.

Finally, the timing was right. I was eligible for an upgrade. People I knew were raving about their iPhone.
 My daughter needed a replacement phone, so I gave her my Blackberry Tour, and I took the plunge!

1. “Whoa!” – I stopped everything I was doing on a Sunday to buy an iPhone 4 from Verizon, transfer the service and the data, especially my contacts and calendar (and boy did I breathe a sigh of relief when I saw them all come up on the iPhone). This was not pleasant for me and there were many points, accompanied by my fleeting spells of nausea and dry mouth, where I felt like canceling the whole process and going back to my Blackberry. But I persevered and passed the point of no return, where the hassle of going back to what I had, was more than the anxiety of continuing forward.

2. “Wow!” – The next day, glad but not yet thrilled about my iPhone, I visited an Apple store and took a free intro to iPhone sessions. Within twenty minutes I was able to use more iPhone features than I had ever learned on my Blackberry. The capper was finding the address of the house I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts. I looked at the google image and in an instant, seeing my house from so long ago brought back a flood of memories.

3. “Hmmm…” – As I drove home from the Apple store, I savored my conquest over the inadequacy I felt a mere 90 minutes earlier. I began thinking of all the many ways I could use it... apps, MobileMe, calendar sync, I could do it all, and I was hooked!

4. “Let’s Go!” – You can guess what happened next. I started telling everyone about it, "You've got to check this out!"

Whoa, Wow, Hmmm, Let's go. That's what makes innovation... innovation.


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Mark Goulston


Mark Goulston

Mark Goulston is the Co-Founder of Heartfelt Leadership, a global community whose Vision is a World led by leaders that Dare to Care and whose Mission is Identifying, Celebrating, Developing, Empowering, Impassioning and Emboldening Heartfelt Leaders to support each other in changing the world for the better. Mark is the author of Just Listen and co-author of Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In.


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