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Why Do You Do What You Do?

The alarm clock rings, you drive to work, you open up your email, you go to lunch…it seems like "just another day." Have you ever had trouble staying focused or getting motivated?

I have another, more important, question for you: Why do you do what you do?

As a former high school teacher and how an industrial organizational development coach, I have studied the power of purpose for nearly 20 years. In this video, I'll ask you to clarify your own "So That…" By clarifying your (multiple) answers to the “So That” question, you will enhance your workplace performance and productivity.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you doing it that way? What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish (at work and in your life)?

By definition, you are doing something so that something else will happen. In this video, I'll ask you to make that very, very clear. If you have ever had trouble motivating yourself to work on a project, you may want to identify your answers to “so that” in order to realign your actions with your values.

By writing a full inventory of reasons why you are committed to the level of work you do, you may find a renewed connection to the motivation that drives you. Write down your answers to the “So That” question. (Following are examples from your professional life; I highly recommend you do this same process for the various roles, responsibilities and goals for your personal life as well.)

I am improving my productivity so that:

I am working for this company so that:

I am working on this project so that:


Here are some prompts to get you thinking more deeply about your own "So That…" I Am Improving My Productivity You bring a lot to the table in terms of skills, knowledge, and experience, but there is always room for improvement.

Why do you want to improve? What are the ultimate goals you are trying to achieve by doing your work? More specifically, what are the ultimate goals you are trying to achieve by doing your work and living your life "better"?

I Am Working for This Company At some point, you accepted an offer to work for your employer. Why? What do they contribute that helps you achieve your goals? What skills do you bring that helps your co-workers and employers achieve their goals?

You are working for this company so that…what? I Am Working on This Project At any point in time, you probably have a handful of projects large and small that you are working on. You have a handful of defined responsibilities at work and at home.

You are working on these projects and you have accepted these projects so that…what? I Am Completing This Exercise This may seem like an elementary activity. However, if you allow yourself to dig to the deeper reasons you are committed to continual improvement, you may arrive at some surprising answers to the “so that” question. You will find some responsibilities and projects you need to take up, and you will find some responsibilities and projects that you need to relinquish.

You have a list of your most important things, all of which you want to accomplish. Why are they important? Why do you want to do them? Of all the things you could be doing, why are these the most important? I Am Reviewing My Answers Keep your inventory of answers to the “so that” question close at hand. Review your inventory of reasons daily for a week, perhaps during those odd bits of time that appear during the day. Then see if the answers become more apparent in your daily work and surroundings. You may begin to notice new ideas, people to meet and things to try out as a result of your new awareness of and commitment to your goals.


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