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8 Sales Closing Techniques [SLIDESHARE]

By: Giselle Walsh
Giselle Walsh
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There’s no magic phrase that’s guaranteed to help you close a sale, but there are techniques you can use to increase your odds.

Before you even get to the closing phase, it’s important to:

  • Help your customer identify his or her problem.
  • Demonstrate that your product or service offers a solution to the problem.

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After you’ve successfully communicated these points, it’s time to close. You’ve spent a lot of time and money helping this prospect get closer to becoming a customer. It’s time to finally make it happen!

To help you more effectively turn that prospect into a buying customer, here are eight sales closing techniques you can implement as you prepare for your next sales call.

1. Direct Close

The Direct Close occurs after you’ve addressed the prospective customer’s concerns and you’re confident s/he knows the value you have to offer. Be direct by asking the following, “(Name of potential customer), are you ready to place your order/sign up?” Only use this technique if you’re confident the answer will be “yes!”

2. Money Talks Close

If you’ve helped the prospect quantify their business problem, and this number exceeds the investment required to solve the problem by using your product or service, their purchasing decision is easy to justify. Highlight this financial benefit—the bigger the savings, the easier it will be to close.

3. Pro-Con Close

For those who are still struggling to make a buying decision despite the potential ROI, help them visualize the impact your solution could make by having them create a pro-con list. Help your prospect list as many pros as possible and allow them to populate the cons column by themselves. Your lead will most likely end up with a much larger “pros” column than a “cons” column, and this visual testament to your solution’s worth can help nudge even the most reluctant prospects to say yes to the deal. 

4. Concession Close

If your prospect asks for a concession in the form of additional features, delivery or price, ask “If I can do that for you, will you sign an agreement?” Don’t simply agree to the concession without asking for a close; that will allow the prospect to keep hitting you up for more and more concessions as the deal progresses.

5. Deadline Close

If you need your prospect to make a decision quickly due to a deadline, mention that there’s an upcoming event that could be beneficial to him/her so s/he should sign up ASAP. If there’s an upcoming customer-only webinar or promotion that’s about to end soon, highlight the added benefits these will provide to your prospect. 

6. Rating Close

Ask your lead to rate their level of interest in your solution on a scale of zero-to-ten; zero meaning they’re not interested at all and ten meaning they’ve already decided to buy. If s/he answers with six or more, ask what you need to do to get them to a ten. If their rating is five or less, ask him/her to help you understand why the rating is low, which will in turn tell you what you need to do to keep the sale moving forward.

7. Free Trial Close

If you sincerely believe a prospect will fall in love with your product or service once s/he gets to use it, offer a short-term free trial. Highlight that this is a no-risk and no-obligation trial that allows qualified prospects to see just what your solution can do. The most important aspect of free trials is to keep the prospect engaged by helping them take action in using the product. User engagement increases your changes of winning the deal.

8. Objection Close

Once your prospect understands that your solution addresses his or her needs, ask for an objection. This can be accomplished by simply asking, “Is there any reason why we shouldn’t proceed with the sale?” This will allow the prospective customer to raise any final concerns or objections without saying no to the deal.


Try out these different sales closing techniques and find which ones are most effective for your personal style and product or service. You’ll soon land on one or two that work incredibly well, and you’ll be able to use them naturally in conversation with more and more prospects.

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Giselle Walsh


Giselle Walsh

Giselle Walsh is Senior Director of Sales at xoombi. She is a sales accelerator supporting company growth and transformation through both partnerships and business development. She contributes to the company’s mission by thinking outside the box to implement game-changing opportunities to build value and create leverage.


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