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How to Be At Your Very Best


Have you ever really thought about what it means for you to be at your best? More importantly, have you thought about what it takes to make that happen? Identify the habits, behaviors, systems, and tools that maximize your ability to do the most important things - at work and in life. Have you ever had the feeling early one morning, "This might be a not-so-good day?" It's easy to think of things that could start you off on the road to a bad day.

But have you ever made your list of what leads to a great day?

Worth the Time to Watch

Right before you watch this video, here's a question: “When ARE you at your best?”


Get Momentum] At My Best When from Jason Womack on Vimeo.

The easy way to answer that is with a “time zone,” right? You could say “in the Morning.” Some of you would say “not till Evening.” (Know anyone who would say “On the Weekend!”?)

I’m asking you to think deeper on this one. When are you at your best? That is: What will you have to have done? Where will you have to have gone? Who will you have to have seen or talked to? These are important questions to ask yourself.

This entire process (including watching the video) will take you less than 15 minutes, I promise. The lifetime value of this practice may be priceless for some of you. Remember to reflect on your answers to this one little question once a day for the next five days.

Here’s that question again: When are you at your best? If you're ready to answer, here's your activity:

Knowing When You Are At Your Best in 3 Easy Steps

1. Take out a single piece of paper.

2. At the top, write "I am at my best when."

3. Write down 5-10 things you do to support yourself in having a good day. Make sure they are items that you are in control of. “When I eat a good breakfast” is something you can control; "when my manager is in a good mood" is not.

After you watch this video this powerful video, I invite you take on this added challenge:

1. Call a coach or a mentor, and ask them for a 10-minute phone call.

2. During the call ask them, “When have you seen me at my best?”

3. As they talk to you, write down the “foundation” of what they’re talking about.”

For example if they say, “You’re at your best when you’re solving challenging problems for clients,” then you know that you are at your best when you’re working with people who get you, who want to work with you and who appreciate what you bring to your table.

If you know you’re at your best when you experience a day of completion, then you might set yourself up in the morning with a to-do list that has some “easy wins.”

When You Set Up for a Day At Your Best

You establish and maintain control.

You focus on your most important things.

You make the most of every moment.

You prepare yourself to be your best self (at work and in life).

Focusing on what is within your control is one key to success. It takes practice and focus: the steps toward knowing when you are at your best might require significant behavioral changes, but they will produce sustainable quality of life improvements. Turning these self-care practices into daily habits might result in quicker reaction times, better mood, and stress reduction. Think about your daily routine and where you may have room to build in new and better behaviors.

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