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To Sell or Not to Sell

There’s a new "coach" and blogger in the world of sales. His tactics and strategies are different from what you might expect. He writes about how we should “stop selling,” and “people don’t want to be sold.”

One day, an inquisitive sales person tapped this "guru" on the shoulder and said, “Hey man, I’m a sales person. I get excited about selling! My family, my boss, my company... they all need me to sell. Do people like me buy into the idea of not selling?”


Afterwards Tom and Eric weren't exactly sure at which point during their discussion the elephant had entered the room

To sell or not to sell, there is no question.


Image Source: Creative Commons License David Blackwell. via Compfight


Doyle Slayton


Doyle Slayton

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Doyle Slayton is an internationally recognized Sales and Leadership Strategist, Speaker, and Blogger. He is Co-Founder of xoombi, a sales acceleration company and sales driven marketing agency that works with CXO's to develop, implement, and execute inbound marketing and inbound sales strategies. xoombi strengthens your outbound with inbound to help grow your business.


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