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How to Succeed With Your Next "Flavor of the Month"

flavor_of_the_month_shiny_new_object_syndromeWhat can leadership do when the team is suffering from "Shiny Objects Syndrome"? It isn't that the last 10 ideas weren't any good, it's more about lack of planning, strategy, and execution. Taking time to think through your plan sets the stage for success, builds credibility, and creates buy-in with your team.

Here's a list of seven questions that will help you activate alignment between marketing, sales, and sales operations... 

Planning - What is our master plan and strategy for this new product/service/initiative? 

Measurement - What metrics are we monitoring to track our success and areas for improvement

Technology - What tools are we using to help us work smarter and more efficiently? 

Process - What workflows are we putting in place to make sure everything is connected and working in sync with the rest of the organization? 

Compensation - How does this help our people make more money? 

Training - What learning materials do we need to equip our team with and how can we leverage these resources to develop expertise around these products/services? 

Communication - What is our rollout plan... How are we presenting this to our team... our clients... our prospects?


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Doyle Slayton


Doyle Slayton

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