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The Great Debate: Quality vs. Volume


When Marketing and Sales work together to dial up the formula for success, my guess is most of us have been in the Quality vs. Volume conversation. In an age of inbound marketing, social media, and big data, are we looking at this issue the right way?

Here are a couple of examples for how these opposing view-points might approach Lead Generation or Appointment Setting...


Lead Generation

Quality: "I only want leads that are going to convert within the next 30 to 90 days."

Volume: "As long as they are qualified, I’ll take leads that that will convert now or a year from now."



Quality: "I only attend appointments with prospects that I’ve diligently pre-qualified."

Volume: "There is no such thing as a bad appointment. I get in front of as many prospects as I can."


If you had to choose between quality vs. volume, which one would you choose? Join the conversation on LinkedIn and Google Plus.

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I have a strong view on which direction I would lean if I had to choose one. I look forwad to reading your thoughts... as promised I shared my opinion on a follow up post, Building the Sales and Marketing Machine...


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