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6 Talents of Modern Day Marketers


Sharing the right content, with the right audience, at the right time will make or break a campaign. New ideas and sophisticated strategies are adding complexity, and not all marketers are created equal. The game has evolved and now requires six talents to succeed in modern day marketing.

Campaign Manager - The campaign manager plans and executes messaging based on buyer behavior and customer readiness. They develop a marketing automation strategy that follows pre-determined lead scoring guidelines and list segmentation rules. It’s about managing the funnel to distinguish between marketing ready leads and sales ready leads.

Content Strategist - Your content represents the voice of your company. Demand generation begins with knowing your audience and buyer personas. Craft a message that not only speaks to that audience, but influences action to buy and share your ideas, products, and services.

Designer - Internet marketing is all about “visual”. There was a time when catchy titles and headlines did the trick. Now, designers play a big role in creating eye catching imagery, videos, eBooks, and site layouts that attract and guide visitors through a well planned, "by design", customer experience. 

Developer - Developers work closely within the marketing team to increase visitor engagement through web apps and smart content. They strategically display different messaging and filter content and offers based on an individual visitor’s stage in the buying cycle.

Systems Administrator - The Systems Administrator secures the integrity of customer data and is responsible for integrating software and managing workflows. The best can integrate them all, from Marketing Automation to CRM to Financials. 

Analyst - The Marketing Analyst provides standard metrics and in-depth analysis of marketing performance. They offer insights that impact decisions for future campaigns and help shape new strategies that deliver greater ROI.

You may have teammates and business partners to manage these roles, but if you're a modern day marketer team of one, the question becomes… How many of these talents have you mastered, and where can you turn to get help?


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