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When Blame is Better Than Forgiveness

I was browsing around the web and landed on this article by Derek Sivers. It caught my attention because I like people who put a new spin on an old concept. In this case he's talking about taking ownership for the things that happen in your life. His unique spin suggests that blame is better than forgiveness:

[Social Media Week] E se fossero i Social Media ad usare Voi?

"(Blaming yourself) is way better than forgiving (others). When you forgive, you’re still playing the victim... they’re still wrong, and you’re charitably pardoning their horrible deeds.

But to decide it’s your fault feels amazing! Now you weren’t wronged. They were just playing their part in the situation you created.

Now you’re the powerful person that made things happen, made a mistake, and you can learn from it.

Yes, the word 'responsibility' is more accurate, but it's such a serious 6-syllable word."

via Everything is my fault | Derek Sivers.


What do you think about this concept of blame over forgiveness?

Share a link (and your thoughts) to an article that puts a new spin on an old concept.

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