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What Makes An Effective Executive?

By: Jack Hayhow
Jack Hayhow
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Ever wonder what makes an effective executive? I've seen executives who, when you look at their calendar, it's booked. Top to bottom, it's completely booked. But, does that make an executive... effective?

One definitive place to look is in the results. What kind of results is the executive's team producing? An effective executive has an incredible ability to focus. Focus trickles down through the organization, it leads to unified effort, efficiency, and ultimately... results.


8 Practices of Effective Executives

1. Ask, “What needs to be done?”

2. Ask, “What is right for the enterprise?”

3. Develop action plans.

4. Take responsibility for decisions.

5. Take responsibility for communicating.

6. Focus on opportunities rather than problems.

7. Run productive meetings.

8. Think and say "We," not "I".

Peter F. Drucker, Harvard Business Review

Jack Hayhow


Jack Hayhow

Jack Hayhow lives and breathes small business. Throughout his career, he has produced training and tools to help leaders and managers succeed. Jack has been described as a "chronic learner" and is compelled by his passion for helping people and companies improve performance where it matters most. He is the author of dozens of training programs including: The Foundation of Management, Reward and Recognition, Time Management for Managers, Coaching for Performance, and To Be a Leader.


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