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Twitter Cards: 3 Steps to Make Your Tweets More Interesting

twitter for business 12Have you ever wondered why some websites feature summaries and photos in the Twitter timeline while others do not?

There is a process you have to go through to get Twitter to list summaries, photos, or videos (called Twitter cards) for referenced URLs within tweets.

There are three steps to getting your website summary in the Twitter timeline:

  1. Read the Twitter Cards documentation
  2. Add “mark up” code to your website to let Twitter know how to feature your website
  3. Submit your website to Twitter for approval

This segment of the Twitter for Business series demonstrates how to mark-up your website content so Twitter can feature your website summary and images within the timeline.


Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business teaches you everything you need to know about leveraging Twitter to market your business. There are 17 lessons. You can learn the essentials in under an hour. But if you want more, there is an additional hour of Bonus Lessons and videos.

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Deltina Hay


Deltina Hay

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