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Music To My Ears: Simple Thoughts On A Richer Life

Recently a fellow band member gave me a reed for my saxophone. She said “they’re so amazing it will make you sound phenomenal!”

So I thought I would give it a shot. I put the reed on my mouth piece and to my amazement, the tone of the notes were much richer. It sounded like a totally different horn!

Anyone could make a beautiful sound with this reed! So, I asked a gentleman who is like a ‘reed connoisseur’, what it is about these specific reeds that make such a remarkable difference?

The Heath Brothers @ Rockerfeller CenterCreative Commons License Tom Marcello via Compfight

He informed me that the difference could be as simple as the areas the bamboo is grown in, or just a minor shaving off of one side of the reed, or the increasing/decreasing the thickness at different places on the reed itself.

Of course, the conversation was more in depth, but it got me thinking about how some very small changes in our daily regime could make our life so much richer?

Something as little as...

  • Starting the day telling yourself that "I will turn challenges into opportunities"
  • Getting up 15 minutes earlier and reading something uplifting that helps you grow
  • Exercising 30 minutes today
  • Incorporating one or two extra fruits or vegetables to start improving your health

Little things, just like that little extra shaving off of the reed, can make your life so much richer and fulfilling. Do something small daily to make something BIG in the end!





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