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Managers and Leaders, Know Your Role

By: Jack Hayhow
Jack Hayhow
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We've spent so much time encouraging people to be leaders that I often detect confusion around what makes managers successful. The reverse is also true. Sometimes leaders get frustrated, lose patience, and step out of their role to take control of a manager's responsibilities.

The most successful organizations develop a culture where managers and leaders understand and execute their role.

We've over emphasized being a leader. We need managers to focus on here and now. We need managers focused on making individuals better. At a time when everyone is trying so hard to be a leader, let's take a moment to revisit the concept of management vs. leadership. Are you playing your role?


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Jack Hayhow


Jack Hayhow

Jack Hayhow lives and breathes small business. Throughout his career, he has produced training and tools to help leaders and managers succeed. Jack has been described as a "chronic learner" and is compelled by his passion for helping people and companies improve performance where it matters most. He is the author of dozens of training programs including: The Foundation of Management, Reward and Recognition, Time Management for Managers, Coaching for Performance, and To Be a Leader.


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