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Leaders Build a Culture of Aggressive 360 Degree Listening

By: Jack Hayhow
Jack Hayhow
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Effective communication moves in two directions. The best managers are able to effectively carry out directives from above while also taking time to welcome suggestions from below.

A confident leader understands the correlation between communication and productivity, so they build a culture of aggressive 360 degree listening.

There’s a direct relationship between how much your team knows about a plan and how well they carry it out. - D. Michael Abrashoff

To gain enthusiastic commitment to organizational objectives, leaders must communicate not only the how of the plan but also the why. When people understand how their personal task fits into the overall scheme, they are much more likely to invest the extraordinary effort often required for success.

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Jack Hayhow


Jack Hayhow

Jack Hayhow lives and breathes small business. Throughout his career, he has produced training and tools to help leaders and managers succeed. Jack has been described as a "chronic learner" and is compelled by his passion for helping people and companies improve performance where it matters most. He is the author of dozens of training programs including: The Foundation of Management, Reward and Recognition, Time Management for Managers, Coaching for Performance, and To Be a Leader.


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