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Michael Krause

Mike Krause is the president and founder of Sales Sense Solutions, Inc. where he delivers measurable results with his clients using Fortune 500 strategies, tactics, and tools. The company’s mission is to customize Fortune 500 sales experience and success systems for small and mid-sized companies. Krause is an in-demand speaker and has received numerous awards for his acclaimed training programs.


Recent Posts

Cold Calling Make You Cringe?

What brings grown men and women to their knees, often making them cry, cringe and gnash their teeth about sales?

Cold calling, my friends... You may know it by a nicer name – prospecting, screening, dialing for dollars, building a pipeline, hot knocking, profiling, warm calling, business development, inside sales or lead generation – but, strip away the hype and it is All.Just.Cold.Calling. You’re contacting someone or a company by phone who should be interested in your product or service to bring them into the light of your product’s awesomeness. And bring more cash into your pocket.

So let’s make the process easier and more cash full for you. Here are my top tips to make fewer cold calls and take home more money for your efforts. By the way, there is still effort to this (hey, I can’t do it for you!) but if you follow the tips, they will pay off handsomely for you.

4 + 2: The Secret Code to Superior Business Performance

If you’re rolling your eyes at yet another claim to a "secret code” or the “magic pill” to gain business success this post is for you. It turns out there really is a key to superior business performance and the intelligent minds at Harvard Business School have found it.

Over the years, management ideas, tools and techniques have come and gone. Different approaches and theories have been implemented sometimes to the success of the user, other times…not so much. Harvard Business School wanted to know which management practices really work? They carefully examined more than 200 well-established management practices as they were employed over a 10-year period by 160 companies.

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