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The Kinds of Conversations of Making Your Best Better

When you think about making your best better, think about the people you’re going to talk with along the way. What I’d like to introduce right now is the kinds of conversations I’ve had over the years that have pushed me along to this ever elusive goal of making my best better. And in the meanwhile being very confident, satisfied and content that where I’m going and how I’m being is on course with all of those things.

I want to discuss the ways you can fulfill a goal, the ways that you can deliver on a promise; again the kinds of conversations that will come in when that happens. To start with, think back on the last five days. Think about the conversations you had with people around you. This can be family, friends, people at work, and people that you go to for advice or ideas.

When you think about where you’re going, ask these three questions: What do you need? Who do you need? When do you need it? The navigation techniques I’ll introduce here all answer those three questions. So when you think about making your best better, you’re going to think about transactions, plenary sessions and strategic planning.

Why Do You Do What You Do?

The alarm clock rings, you drive to work, you open up your email, you go to lunch…it seems like "just another day." Have you ever had trouble staying focused or getting motivated?

I have another, more important, question for you: Why do you do what you do?

As a former high school teacher and how an industrial organizational development coach, I have studied the power of purpose for nearly 20 years. In this video, I'll ask you to clarify your own "So That…" By clarifying your (multiple) answers to the “So That” question, you will enhance your workplace performance and productivity.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you doing it that way? What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish (at work and in your life)?

How to Be At Your Very Best

Have you ever really thought about what it means for you to be at your best? More importantly, have you thought about what it takes to make that happen? Identify the habits, behaviors, systems, and tools that maximize your ability to do the most important things - at work and in life. Have you ever had the feeling early one morning, "This might be a not-so-good day?" It's easy to think of things that could start you off on the road to a bad day.

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