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5 Ways to Develop an Unoffendable Attitude

frownCan Sales and Marketing develop an "unoffendable" attitude? Sales and marketing people have to be thick-skinned. "There's no crying in baseball," and there's no crying in sales. I recently told a few people that I have been working on developing an unoffendable attitude. Needless to say, the most common response I'm getting is a funny look.

I'm pretty good at reading people, but in this case, I'm not quite sure what the funny look means...

"What?!!! I think you've gone over the top with this one."

"You mean never, for the rest of your life? Yeah right..."

"Is that even a word? It's not even in the dictionary."

But, maybe you're thinking, "I want to work on that... I want to be unoffendable." Here are five tips for developing an unoffendable attitude...

  1. Build your self-confidence. It is the most important factor.

  2. Your happiness does not depend on other people.

  3. Understand that your state of mind is YOUR state of mind.

  4. At some point you are going to have to get over it. How about right now!

  5. Claim it as true, "I don't get offended."

When somebody asks you, "Did that offend you?" or "Wasn't that offensive?" you can respond with... "Nah... I've reached a point in my life where I don't get offended." That's how champions think.


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